Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Find your Match

Normally when you asked a couple on how they met, they usually say through a common friend or even a relative's friend. But now with the internet available, you can find a friend/boyfriend or even a husband by just logging in to different websites that offer this kind of service.

Most of the time, this people are the ones who don't have much time to socialize and meet other people outside work. Now, they can meet friends or future special person within the specified age range they want and location through the local personals. Membership is for free so I'm sure there are a lot of singles men and women out there who might turned up to be the Ms. and Mr. Right for others.

Though I didn't use any match making websites, I still owe to the internet on how me and hubby met and we finally tied the knot last year. Seems unbelievable but then life is full of surprises.

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OnlineBiashara said...

sure this is real I also met different friends online.