Friday, December 12, 2008

Crazy Afternoon

At 3pm, our company held it's annual Kiddie Christmas Party! :) There were a lot of kids ranging from 5 months and 9 years old. All the kids are in costume as requested by the party organizer.

It was a lot of fun! Young and adults alike enjoy the moment participating in games and having their pictures taken with Jollibee! Yep! He was a hit not only with the kids but with all of us here in the office....hehehe.

I'll post some of the pictures next week as I'm waiting for them to upload it in our company network :)

While we are having a blast inside the office, outside is a different scenario. Protesters flock for the Anti-Chacha Campaign and Ayala Avenue is closed for the event.

I have to find the new route on where I can ride a jeepney going home.

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