Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Coffee Break ver 1.46

This is super late! Sorry Jan, hope I still make it though...

I'm in a hype mood today since I had a long weekend plus the fact that it's December! Ü
I still have to make a few trips in the mall or bazaar or online shops for my godsons Xmas present. I still haven't got any for them. I'm done for my goddaughters. Buying presents for girls are easier for me :)

Anyways, apart from the material things that makes us ecstatic there are some things in life that we treasure dearly to the point that even money can't buy (which is so true, right?).
Simple things that make me smile are :
(1) Waking up each day knowing that I'm alive
(2) Having hubby beside me through the best and the worst
(3) My ever-loyal and supportive friends
(4) My family whom I cherish and love
(5) Being bless in every way

These things motivated me to be tough in life.

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