Thursday, December 4, 2008

Changes and Update

Yesterday afternoon at 3pm, we have a meeting concerning our Xmas party. Turns out that there will be changes on the original plan that we had a few weeks back.

Due to the economic crisis, we will be no longer having a band to perform live. Instead it will be replaced by a mobile sound system. Then there will be an intermission number from 3 employees on the program.

It's been the tradition of our company to held a Xmas competition/presentation for newbies. Yesterday I was part of those newbies who perform. Ours was different since we are the only one who come up with a "mime" performance. This year, the newbies will present an MTV of any chosen Xmas carol and it will be shown on the Xmas party itself. Judges will be from the Admin/Management. Originally, there will be 4 groups who will compete but due to the sudden "lay-off" of some employees in one of our accounts , the groupings will be cut down to 3 or 2 groups =(

The meeting ended with a question on what will be the "title" of our Xmas party. A lot of the suggestions were hilarious and I can't stop laughing. Some of the titles were:

Moving Forward to 2009
Our Last Xmas Party
Year Ender Party

That's the suggested titles that I can remember. I myself can't think of any. My two cents since our party is MTV Awards/Hollywood inspired it should be somehow related to that...hmm...

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