Thursday, November 13, 2008

What If Your Ex Says..

Snag this from Thet, hope you don't mind sis 8)

1) Why did you let me go?

- You're the one who give up on me.
2) Can I win you back?

- Not a chance dude!

3) But I am very much happy with you back then.
Really?! The feeling is not mutual.

4) I still love you.

- Well, I don't.

5) When did we last talk?

- Hmm.. I can't remember. It was so long ago...
6) Can you go out with me?

- Of course if I can bring my husband. Non-negotiable.

7) Hey,can I give you/ask for a ride?
- Since when do you have a car of your own? No thanks, I can manage on my own.
8) Were you able to
move on?
- But of course! That's why I'm happily married.
9) I regret losing you.
- As the saying goes, "You'll never know what you got till it's gone".

10) My parents do not like you.

- I didn't get a chance to know them.

12)You have changed.

- Yup for the better.

What about you, what would you tell your ex?

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