Wednesday, November 5, 2008

US Election

All eyes are on the presidential election that's now in progress in the US. I just had a chat with my ex-boss who handles our team last year. His currently in NY and his waiting for the result just like the others.

He told me that he voted for McCain (told me he was a moderate Republican) early this morning and he was excited for the outcome of the votes. He also said that no matter who wins the election there will be a "positive change". He was worried though with (and I quote) "Obama's extreme liberal stance on issues".

It's not a secret that McCain is against "gay marriages" and abortion. I still remembered the time that he made a TV guesting in Ellen's show. Both of them are very composed and calm when talking about the issue although Ellen D. made her point very clearly that she wished for gays/lesbians alike to have the right and freedom to love and acknowledge it by others.

So far, Obama is on the lead but it's too soon to tell. Obama has (almost all) the celebrities on his side that's why his pretty popular against McCain. Let's see what happens to the vote returns from other states. But one thing is definite, whoever wins the election will have the full power and control to change the economy that the US had experienced and his decisions will surely have an effect on other countries economy.

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