Thursday, November 13, 2008

Twilight Tickets

I just got back from Glorietta to secure myself and hubby of Twilight tickets for Nov. 26. Tickets cost Php 170 for G4 Cinema 3 (THX) while Cinema 1 (DDS) and 6 (DTS,SDDS) costs Php 160. Thanks to (as my source) ! I used my one-hour lunch break and hurriedly went to G4 to purchase the tickets. I opted for Cinema 3 for the quality of sounds =P

I was debating earlier if I will push through the plan of attending the premiere night in Megamall at 8pm on Nov.25 but the tickets costs Php 300 (Lower Seat) and Php 500 (Upper Seat). Con advised me to watch in Glorietta instead since it's nearer and cheaper.

Can't wait for Nov.26 to come!

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