Monday, November 3, 2008

Twilight Saga

I'm so happy! Last Friday my sister and I met in Glorietta to buy a gift for my godson/cousin. After purchasing a 2 pair of infant shoes from Enfant, we went to National Bookstore so I can look for a Xmas decor for the garland that I bought in Dapitan Arcade (I will make another entry for that).

As we entered the bookstore in the 2nd level, there it was displayed on the entrance is the Twilight Saga! I thought it was a paperback box set but no, it was a hardbound! It was the one I've been wanting for a month in Amazon website.

Just like an eager child who wants a toy as a gift, I hurriedly went to the table where the the boxed set is displayed. I touched the top of the box and never let go. I was just standing there mesmerized and there's an urge that I have to get one, no matter what! My sister was telling me that we should get going and I was just standing there, stuck...not wanting to move. I told her if I could just stand there for a few more minutes still my hands on the top of the box.

Then, I went to the customer service and asked about reservations. She told me that reservation is good for 3 days. I asked her how many more stocks are available and she told me the one that was on displayed are the ones left. That is, 3 sets. I asked my sister if she has a credit card with available limit and I asked her if I could used it for the Twilight Saga. She agreed and I immediately grab the box set that I was touching earlier.

I was giddy happy when I went to the cashier. I'm all smiles and I can feel my face flushed with excitement. My sister was laughing at me and she told me that I look like a child who had just gotten her first gift. I don't care with the people around us. They are probably giving me odd looks why I'm behaving so childish and silly.

After the purchase has been made, I gratefully thank my dearest sister. I told her that she made my day! Which is so true.

When I went home, I told hubby about my "new baby". He was laughing when I told him the story of how I behaved in the bookstore just to get the boxed set. I was worried that he will be mad at me for spending but good thing, he understands. After all, I will be paying my sister in a 3-month installment w/o the interest since we used HSBC cc to purchase the Twilight set ;)

I know I broke my promise to be a "budgetarian" but I just couldn't help myself. Anyways, this will be my last time to purchase an expensive item this year :)


Unknown said...

waaaahhhhh! Im so head over heels inlove with Edward!..and now my name is Bella!
Hay jo! di pwedeng wala akong box set nyan...I wouldnt be able to forgive myself pag di ko binili yan!
Good buy yan! kaya dont regret ever purchasing that..ok? dont feel guilty...sulit yan...kunsintidora ako as usual...

Unknown said...

Ahahaha! What's new Con? Kaya nga minsan alam ko na ang isasagot mo pag nagtanong ako...hehehe.

No worries, I don't regret buying the saga :) Collection din yan ;)

ruther said...

tge lang..splurge lang kafateed..paminsan minsan lang yan.. hehehe

Unknown said...

hi thet! i know :) sort of my xmas present for myslelf =P