Monday, November 17, 2008

Top 10 Spas in the Philippines

I was waiting for QTV 11's "Ang Pinaka" since the topic is all about Spa! I have plans myself to indulge in a spa relaxation this coming Holiday Season so the timing is perfect. My first mission is to have a Ventosa treatment for my aching back.

Here is the list of the Spas that made it to their Top 10 choice:

#10 North Haven Spa (Baguio City)
The spa that first to offer Strawberry Scrub and used Indigenous method of massages in the Philippines.
- 1 hour of their Combination Massage (Shiatsu, Swedish and Thai) cost Php 450

#9 Sanctuario Spa (Malate)
A spa right in the heart of Manila.
- 1 hour of their Full Body Reflexology cost Php 780

#8 Sonya's Garden Spa (Tagaytay)
Aside from their restaurant and garden, there are other reasons to visit Sonya's and one of them is their Spa.
- 1 hour of Sonya's Signature Massage cost Php 785

# 7 Ylang-Ylang Spa (Pearl Farm Resort in Davao)
The spa in Davao's famous resort. I'm sure locals and foreigners alike will love the pleasure of being pampered on the beach.
- 1 hour of their Signature Massage cost Php 850

#6 Amezcua Wellness Center (White Plains QC)
They are the first modermized medical equip spa in the Philippines.
- 1 hour of their Swedish Massage cost Php 900

#5 The Spa (Libis)
The branch in Libis is the first branch of The Spa and they offer Bachelor and Shower party packages for future grooms and brides! Not sure if it's available in all The Spa branches.
- 1 hour of their Swedish, Shiatsu and Depp Tissue Massage in Premier Villa cost Php 1,400 each.

#4 Tirta Spa (Boracay)
Tirta is the Hindu word for "Holy Water".
- 1 1/h hour of Tirta Signature Massage, Tirta Hilot and Thai Massage cost Php 2,750 each.

# 3 Mandala Spa and Villas (Boracay)
A resort villas that offer spa services and yoga. Perfect getaway for the body and soul.
- 1 hour and 35 minutes of Mandala Signature Spa cost Php 2,850

# 2 The Spa at Mandarion Oriental Manila
The topf 2 floors of Mandarin Oriental Manila in Makati City is solely dedicated for their Spa Haven. They also provide customized spa treatment for every client by filling out forms. By the client's answer, they will suggest the treatment that is right for you.
- 1 hour and 20 mins. of their Signature Massage cost Php 3,388

#1 Chi-Spa (Edsa Shangrila Hotel)
The only spa for Edsa Shangril chain of hotels.
- 1 hour and 15 mins of Chi Balance cost Php 3,800.

Can't wait to be relax this coming holiday season! Ü


jan celiz-magtoto said...

thankies for posting this joanne. such big help it will be!

mm said...

hi dya knw what is the address of the one north haven at baguio?

Unknown said...

You welcome sis Jan :)

Gracie said...

quite a useful list. i'll refer to this when we get home.