Friday, November 21, 2008

Off to Cavite

I made it coming to work before 7:30am today Ü I have to get out of the office at 4:30pm so me and hubby can head to Dasma Cavite and spend our weekend there.

Aside from the fact that it's been some time since I went there, I also have to reformat the PC to fix the problem with an internet connection. Tech support from Smart Bro told my sister last week that reinstallation of the OS is needed. Prior to this, we were told that the LAN card needs to be replaced by a different technician. That left me doubtful because they just replace it a few months back and it's not even a year and we need to replace it again?! We were actually requesting for an onsite tech to check the problem since troubleshooting over the phone will do no good. Nobody in my grandma's house is techy. Stubborn and incompetent tech support of SmartBro. They keep on insisting to troubleshoot first! Ugh! My aunt is so pissed off and by December she will finish the contract of their internet services and switch to another. Not sure which one it will be.

Since I'm the only one who knows more about computers, I need first to backup the files and do the reformat and installation of XP. Sigh!

At least it will be totally clean. No virus, no spyware, no malwares, etc. I just hope this will do the trick in order to have an internet connection even just for a couple of weeks.

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