Thursday, November 27, 2008

My Verdict

Last night hubby and I watched the highly-anticipated movie Twilight at G4. As expected a lot of people went to watch it's first day of opening.

I had a hunch that a lot of girls/women will react to the movie while watching it and they surely did :) Let's just say that they let everybody in the cinema know their presence...hehehe. I find it funny and amusing but nevertheless that's the reason why the movie was such a hit.

Prior to watching the movie, I've read lots of reviews from different sources and they all have the same rant - the sequence of the scenes, the effects (speed of vampires), the houses that were used, the alteration of some scenes and script (I feel the same way but there's an explanation for all of it).

My verdict is a rate of 3.5 out of 5. I don't like the camera moving in circles during the forest and meadow scene. It made me dizzy. Also, the effects that was done to make the impression of an unbelievable "speed" was lacking but then they are working on a budget which makes it difficult for the director to make it smooth sailing like Superman...hehehe.

Good thing that the actors and actresses did a good job in portraying the characters in the book. Some say that it was supposed to be a love story but turns out as a comedy when you watched it (yeah, you will laugh on most of the scenes). Oh well, it's due to the fast pace approach of the director. Some scenes that are cheesy romantic were not included whereas in the book, it's very detailed. Can't blame Hardwicke for doing that since you have to squeeze a 500 pages in 2 hours so naturally the movie will not totally reflect what was written by the author. That was the same case with HP although they have an advantage in the special effects department.

Regardless, it was a good movie. I got entertained and of course I still want to watch it but this time it will be on DVD. My hubby on the other hand thought that the movie was pretty okay. He congratulated Rob and Kristen for their good acting skills. He didn't read the book yet but I encourage him to do so.

Hopefully the sequel, New Moon will have improvements. Obviously this time, Summit will splurge on giving them the budget that they need. By doing so, the second movie will make-up for the flaws of Twilight. Luckily, the director will chose the scenes needed more carefully for it's viewers. I'm pretty sure this time, they can pull it off well ;)

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