Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Whew! DSL connection in my grandmother's house is up and running! Proof is the fact that I'm making this blog entry ;)

Yesterday night I back-up the files in the PC which only took 4 CDs and not all of it are full. Then I reinstall WinXp then the drivers for the hardware.

Today at 10:30am the technician from SmartBro came to setup the internet connection and also the LAN card. Turns out that the LAN card is disabled in BIOS and one PCI slot is not working. So the technician removed the modem card then put the LAN card on its slot. I apologize for the techie words.

So there, issue resolved! Hoepfully there will be no more troubles with the PC, LAN card and internet connection.

Next thing to do is to install the HP printer, MS Office, Acrobat Reader and Adobe Photoshop CS2.

Hubby and I will be going back to Makati at around 2pm today so I need to install everything back before we go.
Catch you all tomorrow! :)

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