Tuesday, November 11, 2008


30 minutes ago I'm done reading the Twilight Saga :) Sigh!

From the 4 books on the series, the best ones are the Twilight and Eclipse. Sorry I will not spill the reason why. You have to read it for yourselves ;)

Condition of Summit Entertainment, if the Twilight
movie reached $150 million dollars care of all the cinemas worldwide, there will be no second thoughts of making the New Moon (the second book to Stephenie Meyer's vampire-human modern love story).

I hope that they will reach the target given. It's enough reason for Twilight fans like me to anticipate the sequel (although the cast and the director are very much aware how popular and success the HP movies are). They're not vying to surpass it but they hope that movie-goers will like the summarized version of the book in the big screen :)

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