Thursday, November 6, 2008

Dressing Up for Xmas

It's already the first week of November so last night, I decided to start putting up the Christmas decors that I purchased since last week.

We opted not to use a Xmas tree since our apartment has a limited space. I settled on using a garland instead.
9 feet long garland (Php 150 -Dapitan Arcade)

Santa Claus decor (Php 100 - Dapitan Arcade)

Light Green Poinsettia (Php 39.75 - National Bookstore)

Bluegreen Poinsettia (Php 29.75 - Shopwise Makati)

Aqua Beads (Php 24.75 - Shopwise Makati)

Aqua colored leaves stick-on (Php 24.75 - National Bookstore)

It's too bad that I run out of the aqua colored leaves so I have to purchase 4-5 pcs more for the decor at our house to be complete. Obviously, I still incorporate the color motif in our wedding on this year's holiday season...hehehe. Blue and green or both!

I'll post some photos when it's done ;)

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