Monday, November 10, 2008

Coffee Break ver 1.43

Ooops Jan! Sorry I'm late for last week's coffee break (sheepish grin). My mind is not working under normal conditions and it was preoccupied by the Twilight Saga books that I've been reading.

Better late than never :)

In my 28 years of existence I can say that my "momentous milestones" would be are:

* Graduating college despite the fact that my family is struggling financially at this time.
* Able to work and give help to my family (whatever other people say I have no regrets in helping my parents to give basic necessities for my younger siblings. It's gratifying and I'm not asking anything in return).
* Having my mother come to my wedding despite her objections for me to tie the knot. This is the MOST emotional and dramatic part let me tell you =P
* Getting married and braving the obstacles that come in our marriage. I hope we will still stand together 'till the very end.

So far that's my personal assessment of my life. To the eyes of others it may seem simple and common but I can say that I've been through a lot (I think everybody does).The only thing was a few can fully understand me being in my previous and present situation.

Life is tough but the glorious point(s) is when you surpass all the difficulties with flying colors in the journey of life.

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