Thursday, November 13, 2008

Cheap Eyewear

3 or 4 years ago when I was still a call center agent, our company invited nurses and Ophthalmologist for an eye check-up (it's for free of course!). I was nervous thinking that I needed a correction for my vision. I mean, who wouldn't? Working in graveyard shift for almost 2 years then 8 hours for 5 days, you're always in the front of the computer screen.

After I'm done with the test (the one where you have to say out loud the letters that is on the board covering your left eye or your right eye), I'm surprised to find out that I do have a 20/20 vision. Sweet!
Some of my friends and team mates were diagnosed of having an Astigmatism while others needed eyeglasses to correct their vision (near-sighted and far-sighted). I'm not sure how much he charge for the specs if he is the one who will make them. I actually forgot the price when I asked a friend about it.

In the next coming years, I'm sure that I will be on the point of having to wear specs. I just hope that I can found someone who makes cheaper optical products without sacrificing it's purpose of correcting my vision. I will have no second thoughts of getting their service. With the economic crisis that we have, everyone wants to be practical with their money. I know a particular company who makes eye wear in an unbeatable cost with excellent frames and lens.

Proof of that is the article from Chicago Tribune about them and how they manage to offer the cheapest prices ever -,0,2050256.story.

Read and be convince ;)

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