Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Zoobic Guide

Just as I planned, we went to Subic last Saturday for our wedding anniv celebration. Here's the detailed story...

We left Manila at 9:30am via Victory Liner going to Olongapo. We had 1 stop-over and a brief stay in Victory Liner's Pampanga Bus Station. It was a 3.5 hours ride and most of the time, hubby and I were asleep. From Olongapo, we rode a colored yellow jeepney going to SBMA main gate and from the gate, we took a cab going to Zoobic Safari. At first, I was thinking of other means of transpo but there's no other option than a cab. It was indeed pricey but with a good reason. The Zoobic safari is located way far at the back of SBMA. It was located in the mountain. Obviously, the taxi won't have passenger(s) when they go back to the main gate.

We arrived at 1:30pm and there are lots of tourists. Most of them have their own cars/vans. I was looking for the Tiara (Zoobic lodge) only to find out that it's 8 kms. away from the Zoo. Yikes! Both of us are hungry since we haven't eaten any lunch. Hubby ate a rice meal for breakfast whereas I only ate a 2 pcs of bread and a hotdog sandwich. Since we are already there at the zoo, we decided to take the tour. We are put into groups and there will be a tourist guide assigned to your group. Before you proceed to the tour, you will be given a brief orientation.

(on our way to Tiger Safari in Zoobic Train)
If you love animals, you will enjoy the place. If not, then you should opt to stay near the boardwalk where there are bars and grills to hang out with. Moreover, you can try Ocean adventure or the beach near to it (Camayan).
The order of the tour - animal show (starring the poodles with their tricks and the potbelly pig who can sing), farm animals, then ostrich and the other birds, animal parade, serpents, rodents, tiger safari, close encounter with the tiger, Aeta trails and lastly fedding the crocodiles.
Btw, you will take a train ride within the zoo which costs Php 50 per head. This will be your transpo going to tiger safari, close encounter with the tiger, Aetas Trai, and Crocodiles.
(inside the Tiger Jeep)
In tiger safari, the tigers will just look at you as your jeepney passes by. They will take an interest if you have a whole raw chicken to feed them (costs php 200). Same with the crocodiles, if you want to see them jump and snap their mouth, feed them with some portions of the chicken which costs php50.
After visiting the Crocodiles which is the last stop of the tour, a shuttle (this is for free) will take you back to the main entrance of Zoobic Safari.

(next entry is all about the accomodation - Tiara aka Zoobic Lodge)

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Joy said...

thank you for the detailed description on how to go to Zoobic. we're planning to go there as well and we're just commuting.looking forward to continued post about your Subic adventure. take care.