Friday, October 10, 2008

Wet, wet, wet

It's been raining everyday here in Manila. Most of the time it's always in the afternoon. But today, it rained first thing in the morning =( Good thing that most of our clothes had dried. If this kind of weather continues until next week, I will opt to have our clothes be taken to a laundry service. I might add our comforter as well since it will be tough to have it clean using just the hands.

On December I have to buy the portable washing machine that I saw on TV. It's the one in Venta5 and it's a twin tub laundry machine weighing 11 kilos. It can take 2 kilos of laundry and it's space saving that's why it's perfect for us!

Enjoy your weekend peeps even though it's raining! ;)

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