Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Xmas Party Planning

I was not able to blog much yesterday since we had a meeting that lasted for an hour and half. Our agenda is all about the Xmas Party of our company. Updates are as follow:

Party Theme:
- Masquerade (I will definitely vote for this!)
- Emo Rock
- MTV Awards Night (Hollywood inspired)
- Prom Night

Office Decor Theme:
- Winter Wonderland
- Santa's Workshop

- Mondragon Ball Room (Dec. 17) -> 10 mins away from our office and it's budget-friendly
- A-Venue Hotel Suites (Dec. 19) -> they are willing to give us a free accomodation GC (an overnight stay) as part of the prizes in the raffle

- Contis Pastry Shop and Restaurant
- Center Table Catering
- Albergus Catering
- Hizon's Catering
* If in case we choose the package presented by A-Venue, they will provide the food.

Lights and Sound System:
- Sound Assembly
- Sound Builders Philippines
- Sound Straxx
* Otherwise it wil be provided by A-Venue if we select them

- Beyond (30k) -> they have a regular gig in Tropezz
- The Galley (19k) -> not sure if they are that good
* Our committee is still on the lookout for other bands who are good but budget-friendly ;)

Seems it's all planned out but one thing that is uncertain is the BUDGET. I'm not sure how much money is alloted by the management for our Xmas party considering that there's a financial crisis in the US (where our head office is based).

Let's see what happens when it's presented to our president...teehee! Ü


Jhona said...

wow preparation for xmas party.. kaka exite noh?...

P2,500.00 yung rebonded mare.. mas ok sya sa personal.. kuha kc lang cell phone.. ahha..

Unknown said...

Hehehe. Maeexcite ako lalo mare kapag Masquerade ang theme ala Gossip Girl. Hehehehe :)

Pricey pa lang magpa-rebond :(

Jhona said...

ehhehe. darating kc si hubby kya nag parebond..hehhe

exactly mare, when i've seen your pics sa subic parang college student na nag field trip.. ahhaha..

Unknown said...

Ahehehe! Ok lng yun at least I don't look old ;)