Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Twilight Final Trailer

Twilight Fever hits Manila! One of hubby's cousin purchased the twilight book (paperback cover) which costs Php300+. My friend and colleague, Con was inquiring in Powerbooks for the Collector's Edition of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight Series. If I remember it right, on the email that was sent to her, it costs Php 3,500+. The 4 books are all in hardbound and just like the Harry Potter Series, it was placed in a box. I was tempted to reserve one for myself...Hmmm... If that will be the case, this will be the very first expensive book(s) that I'm going to purchase.

Then yesterday, another friend of mine told me that she has the Twilight movie widget(it will hit the cinemas on November 21, 2008) on her friendster profile. I was not able to see it due to slow internet connection here in the office yesterday.

Today, I stumble upon a website solely dedicated for twilight. He/she has all the trailers made for the movie that includes the final trailer. Here it is:

Video credits from: http://twilight-trailer.blogspot.com/

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