Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiara (Zoobic Lodge)

After our Zoobic Safari tour, we decided to eat our late lunch/merienda in the restaurant within the vicinity. Unfortunately, they don't have lunch meals so we ate Pancit Bihon instead. After eating, we ask one of the staff if they can call the Winstar cab (that's the only cab in SBMA) to fetch us and bring us to Tiara. The staff suggested that we can hitch on their shuttle since he will be going to Tiara as well. That's a lucky break!

So we waited for the Zoobic staff till 6:30pm and off we went to drop one staff after the other until we reached the Tiara(Crown Peak). It's actually near the Legenda Suites. My agent in EVC assured me that she already reserved me a room so we just went to the counter and present the free overnigh GC.

The hotel itself is old but the room that was given to us is cleaned.

I was so exhausted and hungry (still) so I went to their cafe and buy an ensaymada and bottled water. After I ate, I went to flip the channels on the TV and sad to say they don't have any cables =( So I sticked to watching Channel 11 until I get sleepy. Hubby on the other hand is busy playing Dungeon Siege in PSP.

I think I got a lot of hours of sleep. I woke up at around 6am. Hubby slept around 5 am so I let him doze off while I checked the pool of the hotel. It was at the back almost near the highway.
While waiting for hubby to wake up, I was busy flipping channels from one to another. I also took a bath so I am ready when he wakes up. We left the hotel at 11am planning to head to Slide-for-Life. Unfortunately there's a drizzle of rain and hubby wants us to go back home. I told him that it will stop eventually and we just head to our next destination. His unconvinced and keep insisting that it will be difficult for us to push through with my plan since we have to commute and he dreaded of performing an outdoor activity under the rain. Sheesh! Reluctantly, I called for a cab through the hotel reception desk and we headed straight to SBMA main gate. 

I'm so looking forward for the go-kart and slide-for-life adventure. Sigh! Oh well, there's always a next time. Hopefully my hubby will not be a KJ by that time.
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