Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Escape

I thought that's what we actually did. Just as Con and I planned before 2pm, we went down to avoid the fire drill exercise conducted by PBCom. We stop by first Starbucks in Valero and there are a lot of people in the line. So we went to our other office which is in Salcedo St. We stayed there and have chit-chat with one of the supervisors in a Japanese account.

After an hour and half, we left and went back straight to PBCom. We are relief that the fire drill had passed. Just as we reached Con's station and I was drinking some water when suddenly the fire alarm went off. A voice was heard saying "Fire Drill will now commence". Bummer! Tough luck.

We have no choice but to follow the rest of our colleagues heading to the fire exit. In fairness, it's not hard as it seems. Me and Con managed to go down from the 43rd floor down to the ground without experiencing any wobbling legs. Thanks to Hip Hop Abs! Ahahaha! Both of us are just thirsty.

Upon reaching the ground, we went directly to Mini Stop and bought a mineral water. then stayed there until we are given the signal to go back to he building.

Obviously, our escape plan backfired! =P

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