Thursday, October 2, 2008


I'm starting to like the gadget although before I loathe it just like with DOTA-Allstars...hehehe. But I had a changed of heart towards PSP and the past month I've been playing Diner Dash 'till my fingers hurt. Now, I'm playing Patapon which my bff recommends. I'm just having trouble with the level where I have to face the dragon. It's difficult to be consistent in making combos to kill the villain. Sigh!

Most of the time it's Hubby whose holding it. Currently his playing Ben 10. He finished the game of Brave Story, Final Fantasy VII and God of Wars. I'm not sure what are the other games he finished playing because before I don't care too much on it.

A few minutes ago, I was looking for websites that offers "free download". This means no registration and fee needed. Luckily, I found some and I'm now downloading Final Fantasy (War of the Lions). This will keep my hubby off from playing DOTA again. I still hate it! No, that's not correct. I despise it! (much better)...hehehe.


Unknown said...

hay ... hindi ako masyado nag-enjoy sa Patapon ... yung Magic Sudoku nalang nilaro ko hahaha.

Unknown said...

Hi Ann! Naaaliw ako sa beat...hehehe... Minsan nga nags-stomp na ako ng feet para di ako mawala sa momentum =P