Monday, October 20, 2008


Oohh! I love photobooks. The first time I saw one was last year when I was preparing for our wedding. It was in Glorietta at that time. Then even on the internet you can order for a photobook as well. I actually had one which is a pocket size when I made an order in Kodak. I was not that impressed at all with the quality of their print. I'm not sure where exactly my order came from. It says on the slip from CA State. Oh well, I might try the Picture books that I've been reading about. Nevertheless, this is the reason why I want to learn the CS2 software by Adobe! I want to make a digital scrap/layout of the pictures that I have of me, my family, friends and of course hubby! Then I can have it printed and turn it into a bound photobooks. That will be really cool!

Then yesterday before we went to hear mass in Don Bosco church, hubby have his ID picture taken in a Kodak studio. I saw their desktop calendars and in fairness, the print quality is good. I was thinking of ordering one. Probably next month after our Subic trip so I can add put our latest pictures by then. It's hard to believe that we don't have any calendar at our apartment. No kidding. The calendars that we used are the ones in our mobile phone...hehehe.

That reminds me, I still haven't started on selecting our wedding pictures! Yeah, I know it's been a year now. Oh my. I have to make a start in selecting the pictures on the next coming weeks. I was thinking of making one for my grandmother so she can have her own copy. I'll just have to do that next year. I'll be prioritizing first our own album. I almost forgot all about this. How lazy of us.

Holiday season is just around the corner so I bet that there will be lots of pictures waiting to be line-up and stored in our hard drive and albums. I just hope that next year I will be able to accomplish my mission of starting to have my own photo books.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

hi joanne. yep, very affordable christmas decors sa dapitan arcade. try going there this coming weekend! i'm sure you'll find something you'll fall inlove with!

Unknown said...

Uy, thanks Jan! Ü