Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Planning

Today is a hectic day for me. I have a lot of things to do. First, I finished my job requirements. After that, I have to make the weekly report and lastly I have to scout for caterers and venues for our company's upcoming Christmas Party.

The Admin department and MSC Recruitment (where I belong) will be the one in-charge in organizing the event. I was assigned in scouting for the venue and caterer with partial participation in looking for a sound system supplier. For the audio and lightning effects, that will be easy since I can get in touch with Elmer which is my sound system supplier ;)

For the venue and caterer, we just have to gather the data that we can get like packages, rental rates for the function rooms, etc.

I already called a few: Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Streets), The Courtyard (Filipinas Heritage Library Makati), Makati Skyline (World Trade Center) and Sofitel Philippines.

I'll resume calling the remaining venues on my list on Tuesday since Monday I'm on VL (1st wedding anniversary). Good thing I have a partner who can cover the other venues that are not on my list. We have to submit all the info on Wednesday.

Yesterday and today, I passed up the chance to do my "sideline". My mind is pre-occupied with other things that are more important. Hopefully next week I'll be back on track and luck will be on my side...hehehe.

Tomorrow, SUBIC here we come! Ü


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