Thursday, October 9, 2008

Meet a Jewish Rabbi

I'm not sure if this is the man that I saw once in a cable station where his on a mission to help couples having rocky relationships. Although the couple that was featured was not a Jewish one so I'm hesitant if his the same person.

I don't have much knowledge with Judaism. I've learned some stuff when I was in my freshman year in college where we talked about the different religions in the world. All I know that it goes for a period of time starting from Abraham. The bible is a visible proof of how long the religion has been in existence.

Judaism is one of the oldest religions and I know for a fact that the Jews have been through a lot over the past decades. The most famous is the Holocaust where Jewish were annihilated by the Nazis. There are also the crusades by the Roman era whose objective is the expulsion of the Jews. It's amazing on how most of them survived. The famous Jew today is Rabbi Yitzhak Miller whose mission is to spread and teach the Judaism religion and Jewish values to those people who seeks it. Basically his purpose is to maintain and practice the Judaism tradition for its continuous evolution just like a priest in Roman Catholic.

Part of his services is conducting ceremonies like Jewish funeral, Jewish weddings, Jewish Conversion, house blessings, etc. He also held classes, seminars, Jewish retreats, Jewish Study tours, etc. The tasks are almost the same as a priest when educating Catholics. I'm not sure about the study tours since I've never been to one.

Regardless of the religion that we have nowadays the important word to remember is RESPECT. Each of us has its own beliefs which we are strongly attached but that does not mean that we cannot go along well. It's just a matter of acknowledging each others presence and giving them the freedom to practice their faith.

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