Friday, October 31, 2008

Maxfactor Lipfinity

My colleague (Gi) and I went to this talk-about bazaar in Ayala Life Bldg in Ayala Avenue. They are selling Crocs, Revlon, Maxfactor and branded perfumes at a discounted price.

We took our one hour break and went there. Our mission to buy a pair of Crocs slipper. The bazaar is not that big and there are already a few people checking out the items. To my dismay, the Crocs are still in Php 1k+ price (it's already discounted to 30%). Plus, the slippers that I wanted is not there. I was thinking of buying a pair of toddler shoes for my godson/cousin but it cost Php 1,300. In just a few months he will definitely outgrow the shoes. Call me thrifty or cheapstake but nowadays where there is crisis especially in economy, you have to be practical and be a smart buyer.

Then our attention drifted to the Maxfactor booth. They have items that are discounted while others are a steal buy! Like for the Maxfactor Lipfinity, they are selling it for 3 pcs = Php 100. They also have those 2 other lipstick whose also 3 for Php 100. I bought 6 pcs which only costs me Php200. Original price of the item costs Php 325. It will be my Xmas present to my friends in Cavite. After 5 years, they never forget and it's been a pratice for us to give each other gifts during the holiday season.

You might be thinking that the items are so cheap that there could be a catch. The SA assured us that the products they sell is safe and not expired. They are the overstock of the items that they are selling in Rustan's (sort of a clearance sale) .

The only thing(s) I have to buy is for my godsons and godaughters. That will be 10 more gifts to buy before December starts. For hubby I already have one in mind...
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