Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jobs in Florida

When I started my work with CAI as an IT Recruiter I was assigned to the Florida account. Meaning, I will handle the sourcing and phone screening of the candidates for the job requirements in FL. It was a lot of adjustment on my end since we work in day shift and night shift is not an option for me. I have to be flexible and maximize my time so I get to talked to the candidates via VOIP.

One requirement that I really enjoyed working was the Account Executive position (although it's not IT related) for our office in FL State. Lot of the candidates was surprised to hear me calling from Manila... hehehe. Apart from that position, I've never encountered handling other Sales Jobs In Florida. But if ever there will come a time that I have to work on this kind of requirement, I definitely need to search for free job sites that is specifically created for Sales. It will be much easier for recruiters like me to limit down the choices of the candidates in a specific state. Location is an important factor to consider especially with the candidates who are not open for relocation.

If there are job sites that are tailored fit for one industry it will be a huge help for job hunters and recruiters alike to be efficient in sourcing for qualified candidates which is a must in recruitment industry. Quantity is essential without sacrificing quality as my ex-supervisor told us which stucked in my mind up to now.


Tobbo said...

nice post. i like it.

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@ Tobbo - Thanks! Ü