Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Not Busy

It's weird that my US Recruiter didn't give me any instruction on what requirements to work on for today. I'm stuck with nothing to do that is work-related. If you haven't noticed, this is my 7th blog entry for the day!

I've been busy with my "sideline" and of course blogging and responding to fellow blogger's tags and awards.

Last week I withdrew the funds that I accumulated in my Paypal account for 5 months. I will use them to fully pay hubby's Autocad lesson that will start on Monday and for our apartment rent this month. Hmm... I can see your heads doing the Math on how much I earned...hehehe. It was indeed a big help for me. That's why I'm so driven today! It's like I've drink 2 cups of coffee!

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