Monday, October 20, 2008


I decided to sell some of the GCs that I got from Executive Vacation Club. There are too many of them although I know that next year I will be needing some of it but now I need extra money =P

Luckily my sister's office mate will be getting the extra GCs for Zoobic Safari. The remaining GCs, I'm still trying to sell them. Some will be given to a friend for his family trip. That will be my birthday gift to his QT baby that I posted last week here in my blog. Hope they will enjoy their stay in Residence Inn Tagaytay.

If in case, I'm not able to sell all the GCs, I'll be giving them away for my god children (inaanak) as a christmas present. I can't believe that I have a dozen! Then there are two more that will be added on the list. I'm waiting for December to make it official...hehehe.

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