Monday, October 13, 2008

Frames and Eyeglasses

I just made a call to my grandmother who resides in Dasma Cavite. It's been a long time since I made a visit. I remember that she was complaining about her
eyeglasses which will be considered as an antique. The frames and the specs show the old style of eyeglasses back then. I was planning to have her pair of spectacles replace as my Christmas gift.

Right now, I'm checking for some ideas on what frames will she be likely to wear. I saw one in an optical website and they have this $8.00 specs (frames and lens) . You can change the color of the frames to silver, grey, blue and black. I think the color that's on the specs will be just fine for my grandma.

That's the lowest eyeglasses that they have. It's a great buy I must say especially to those who needs to correct their eyesight and working on a budget.

Moreover, they have frames for children and trendy eyeglasses for me and women alike. They are very versatile that they can cater to all age genres. That's probably the reason why they are famous and a hit in the US. I hope that they have an affiliate company here in Manila so we can enjoy the quality and savings in buying their products.

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