Monday, October 6, 2008

Dream Raffle

I joined in N@Wies Dream Raffle! Ü The winning pot will be given to 1 winner who will use it for either trip, tuition fee and bday party. If in case the pot reaches 60k, there will be 2 winners which they will share the prize equally.

I'm so excited! Hopefully I can win ;) Although based on my experience, I've never won much in a raffle. Let's say I'm not lucky... hehehe. But, you'll never know what will happen. It's too soon to tell so I will keep my fingers cross and be optimistic.

As they say, IT'S ALL IN THE MIND.


jan celiz-magtoto said...

hi joanne! sureness... will post the treasures we'll find in dapitan arcade. i can't wait!

Unknown said...

Thanks sis! Ü