Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Dozen

of godchildren (inaanak) that I have as of today. But two of them are out of the country so I only have to worry 10 toddlers and kids (combined) for their Christmas presents. I'm not complaining, I love giving presents! Especially with the kids.

I have lots of ideas to give for the girls but for the boys... it's always a challenge. I'm planning to start shopping Christmas presents on November. Same for the decors for our niche.

For my siblings, I'll just give them money =P Same with my parents. I have no idea what they like for xmas so it's up to them to buy whatever they want(or wish for).

One week away and it's November. Deecember is just a few tumblings away =D


Gracie said...

naku, ako rin i went shopping na for my Christmas gifts for my inaanaks & Ryan's, too. kakatuwa! ang sarap magbigay ng gifts sa mga kids :)

Unknown said...

Hi Gracie! Good for you ;) Ako next month. I'm waiting for the coming paydays and payouts...hehehe.