Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Custom Medications

All of the hospitals here in Manila depend on the same company/brands of medicines for a specific illness. Apart from that, if it's too expensive then they will suggest to buy the generic names of the medicines. Some may react okay with the prescription while others may have allergy. That's why doctors will asked their patients if the have any allergic reactions to medicine or they will first inject a small amount on your skin and check if any visible changes will be seen on the skin.

If you’re a Hollywood star or one of those who are rich and famous you won't probably have to deal in worrying all the possible things that can happen when you’re taking a medicine. You can avail a custom medication which is specifically for them and nobody else. It's not commercially available and it comes in the form of dosage that your body needs. That will be really something. It's like having your own phar
macy! Imagine, allergic reactions can be avoided plus they can change the taste of the medicine from its known bitterness factor. I like that, no bitter taste. That's why I don't like medicines when I was a child. They don't taste good. Lucky for the young ones today, cough and fever medicines comes in fruity flavors. How I envy them.

Aside from the common prescriptions, they can even provide specialty medications like for an Ophthalmology and Retina surgeons or even for hospitals. The only question is, how much will be the service if they will have a custom-made medicines made? Surely if the service is pricey then the medicine will be expensive. Only the fortunate ones can enjoy the luxury of these compounding medicines. Then I guess the only option will be the commercially available ones that we have right now. Hopefully in the future, medicines will improve for the wellness and welfare of those who will use and need it.

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