Monday, October 13, 2008

Conversing with a 3-yr Old

Last Saturday I was invited for Chezka's 1st Bday party in Red Big Barn in Pasig. Chezka is the daughter of Rochelle (hubby's cousin). At that day, my better half planned to go to his aunt's house in QC concerning his SSS ID and also to have a bonding time with his brother playing DOTA (with my blessings... hehehe).

I will be going together with hubby's other aunt and her two daughters (obviously, hubby is not interested to join us). I arrived at their house which is also in QC (5 block away from hubby's destination). I was an hour earlier.

While waiting for them to get ready, I was left in the living room with Colleen (a 3-yr old daughter of hubby's cousin, Whea which lived downstairs). She will be going to the party as well together with her two older sisters and her grandma (hubby's other aunt). I thought that she will keep mum while both of us wait but to my surprise, she initiate having a chat with me:

Colleen: May baby ka na? (Do you have a baby?)
Me: Wala pa (None)
Colleen: May laman na yan? (Does it have something in there?)
While asking she was pointing to my tummy
Me: Wala eh (None)
Colleen: Kumain ka muna (Go eat first)

After a few minutes of silence, she asked me again:

Colleen: May anak ka na? (Do you have child/children?)
Me: Wala pa (None yet)
Colleen: May asawa ka na? (Are you married?)
Me: Meron. Si Tito Randiej mo. Kilala mo ba si Tito Randiej? (Yes. Your Uncle Randiej. Do you know him?)

She silently nods her head. Then I showed her the pics of hubby and me and of course our wedding pic in my mobile. After that, she throw me another question that left me stunned:

Colleen: Bakit ka nag-asawa? (Why did you get married?)

OMG! How can I explain that to a 3-yr old. I was thinking of what to say but couldn't think of any since she is just a child. If I'd say something she might pick it up and it will be stuck in her mind forever. So, just to be safe I didn't say anything at all.

Good thing, the master's bedroom door opened, Colleen left me in the sala and went to see hubby's aunt. Whew! I was saved.


Unknown said...

Jo! naman!bakit di mo sinagot?! sana sinabi mo I married because I finally found the love of my life, the one that God sent me, when you get older you'll understand..mga ganun ba? naku! naku! sa susunod ako na sasagot ha? hahahaha!

Unknown said...

Ahahaha! Kakatakot sumagot. Baka ma-imprint sa utak nya.

Sige, minsan sumama ka sakin pag punta dun at ikaw ang makipag-usap sa kanya =P

jan celiz-magtoto said...

this is such an amusing conversation! hmm... makes me think of posting something related to this as a coffee break topic this week.

Unknown said...

That's a good idea Jan! Ü Go ako dyan ;)