Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Coffee Break Ver. 1.41

I missed my buddies in college. That's where I have a close relationship the most. I'm still friends with my high school peeps but I never got a chance to go out with them that much since I'm the only one married and I don't like the idea of staying late and going home late (does it mean I'm aging?).

Anyways, the last time I saw my college amigas was last September of this year.My BFF together with his hubby went to Manila for their daughter's bday. We dine in Kenny Rogers Glorietta and chat till 9pm. No alcohol drinks for us since we have a minor in our midst...hehehe. Most of the talks that we have was our college thesis, wacky scenarios and our current lives. It was fun and 3 hours is not enough for us to talk and talk and talk.

A few minutes ago, I was having a chat with one of my college friend. She was not able to join us in our get-together since she was in the province but she reminisced all the crazy antics that we have when we were in college and how life was easy for us back then. Yeah, being a student has advantages and perks. And she missed it... I missed it too. Problems are not that complicated unlike when you grow older.

Hopefully all of us will be complete next year. All the ten of us and just US. No hubbies and no children...hehehe. Just like before where we used to stay up late for making school projects.

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