Friday, October 17, 2008

Child Molester

I still remember in one of CSI Episode (Miami) about a suspect who escaped from jail and had a background of being a child molester. It scares me to know that even the young ones, like toddlers for instance cannot escape from the crime of that pervert guy.

Here in Manila, you cannot even tell who has bad intentions toward your child/children. In the news, it's either the neighbors or worst, the relatives of the children who takes advantage of them. For the safeness of our children in the coming years, it's better for the police and government to create a
Child Molesters list for future reference and awareness of the parents and children. It will be more user-friendly if the lists will be divided into cities for faster and easier track. It's time that we make the most out of the technology that we have today.


Abi said...

I would agree! There is a lit here in the US that's available online, you can type in an address and it will show the location of people who have records for child molesting. That's how one of my friends found out about their neighbor's history. Scary!

Unknown said...

Wow! Philippine government should put up a website like that.
Children nowadays are not safe from heinous crimes.

Curtis W. Jackson said...

I appreciate the existance and purpose of your blog, please continue it as long needed. And that is reason of me writing you and your readers. These youths are human beings deserving of having an healthly start in life. They being nurtured into reasponsible, stable adults to support our future society. There is not a single reason in the universe or excuse to expoit them for selfish desires.
These would include young people having personal trouble in school and society. They are entitled to this regard, having practical encouragement to live a purposeful life benefiting them and their families. Troubled, discipline problemed youths should not be taken advantage in whatever place, on the streets, home or residential homes or clinics.

On my blogs I had done at leash two postings involving sex crimes against youths by adults. In my latest post yesterday evening on 10/19/2008 I made an request to potential child molesters.
I am asking you and your readers to please consider visiting my blog site to read this request. I am interested in learning what your viewpoints are. The website is Curtis' Expectations:

Please accept my thanks for your time, attention and consideration!