Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I received an email from Powerbooks about the Twilight Saga and they told me that it's not a regular stock and it's not available for special order =( What I did was, I asked my friend whose in CA and she told me that they are available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Borders. I checked the price and it costs $52.29 (Amazon and B&N)excluding shipping fees. In Borders, it costs $49.80 (excluding shipping fees).

After talking to my friend, I asked my aunt whose currently in Bahrain to check the books for me. I gave her the list and the author and told her to check if they have the box-set hardbound as well. She will check it on her day off which is on Friday and Saturday.

Hopefully there will be stocks on that area and then I'll just have to wait for December to come where my aunt will have her visit in Manila =) If in case that there are no Stephenie Meyer books in Bahrain then I will resort in purchasing the books online and have it ship here in Manila... That means, I have to strive harder in my "sideline" =P

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