Friday, October 17, 2008


I just came back from Zoobic Safari's main office located in Yupangco Bldg along Gil Puyat Avenue. Instead of making a room reservation in Grand Leisure Hotel, a friend of mine suggested that we should avail the promo package of Executive Vacation Club which is an affiliate of Zoobic Safari, Paradizoo and Residence Inn Tagaytay. All of them are owned by Yupangco Company.
The package costs Php 2990 and it's inclusive of:
- 1 Free Overnight Accomodation for 2 persons (Hotel to choose from: Residence Inn Tagaytay, Blu Bianco (Clark) and Zoobic Lodge (Subic).
- 2 coupons for a 50% discount on room accomodation on 2nd and 3rd room (good for 2 persons). - 6 coupons for a free entrance at Zoobic Safari
- 6 coupons for a free entrance at Residence Inn Mini Zoo and Paradizoo Theme Farm
- 2 coupons for a free lunch at any of the ff. outlets - Residence Inn Tagaytay, Paradizoo Theme Farm and Zoobic Safari (good for 2 persons each coupon)
- 10% discount when dining in maximum of 12 persons
- 10% discount when making a purchase at Zoovenir Shop, Photo Shop, Vegetable, fruits (Paradizoo, Residence Inn and Zoobic Safari)
- 10% discount on rental of Tigers on the Run Coasters, vans and cars
- 10% discount when availing Conference Packages
- 5% discount on animals and party package

All of these are good for one year for the date of purchase! Ü It's a good buy, don't you think?
So there, we are all set for next weekend!

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