Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Book Qs

I LOVE reading books. It's one of my hobbies since I was in grade school. Too bad that my younger siblings are not a big fan of books...hehehe.

I snag this from N@W yahoogroups and decided to answer the Qs on my blog instead.

1. Two books that you can read over and over again.
Angels and Demon by Dan Brown and The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

2. Top 3 fave books
Hmm... as of now I really like Angels and Demons. It's far better compared to Da Vinci Code.

3. Book that you started to read,but can't finish reading.
I don't remember the title...

4. Book that makes you sleepy
Mills and Boons pocketbooks(it was my aunt's books)

5. First book that you bought with your own money (not bought by parents)
a Sweet Valley Twins book (I don't remember the title)

6. Most expensive book you bought.
None =P

7. Book given to you as a gift.
a Sweet Valley Highschool pocketbook when I was in highschool. My persistent suitor gave me one as a Xmas gift together with a stuff toy.

8. Favorite author
Not really sure...

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