Friday, October 31, 2008

Maxfactor Lipfinity

My colleague (Gi) and I went to this talk-about bazaar in Ayala Life Bldg in Ayala Avenue. They are selling Crocs, Revlon, Maxfactor and branded perfumes at a discounted price.

We took our one hour break and went there. Our mission to buy a pair of Crocs slipper. The bazaar is not that big and there are already a few people checking out the items. To my dismay, the Crocs are still in Php 1k+ price (it's already discounted to 30%). Plus, the slippers that I wanted is not there. I was thinking of buying a pair of toddler shoes for my godson/cousin but it cost Php 1,300. In just a few months he will definitely outgrow the shoes. Call me thrifty or cheapstake but nowadays where there is crisis especially in economy, you have to be practical and be a smart buyer.

Then our attention drifted to the Maxfactor booth. They have items that are discounted while others are a steal buy! Like for the Maxfactor Lipfinity, they are selling it for 3 pcs = Php 100. They also have those 2 other lipstick whose also 3 for Php 100. I bought 6 pcs which only costs me Php200. Original price of the item costs Php 325. It will be my Xmas present to my friends in Cavite. After 5 years, they never forget and it's been a pratice for us to give each other gifts during the holiday season.

You might be thinking that the items are so cheap that there could be a catch. The SA assured us that the products they sell is safe and not expired. They are the overstock of the items that they are selling in Rustan's (sort of a clearance sale) .

The only thing(s) I have to buy is for my godsons and godaughters. That will be 10 more gifts to buy before December starts. For hubby I already have one in mind...

Halloween Costume

You Should Be a Fairy for Halloween
According to our quiz, you'd make an ideal fairy.

Your runner up costume: Belly Dancer

Flower Delivery

Tomorrow everyone will be celebrating the All Saint's Day. In Manila due to Filipino tradition, a lot of the locals will be remembering their dead loved ones by visiting them in the cemeteries bringing flowers, lighting up candles and even giving them foods (Filipino-Chinese).

For those relatives who are working abroad, they have the option to send flowers for their dearly departed through International Flower Delivery. You can send any flowers for any occasions on almost all the countries worldwide. Talk about convenience :)

Flower selection is determined by selecting the country where you will be sending it. A local florist in that particular country will be in charged for the arrangement and delivery. Make sense though. After all, it's impossible for a flower to be delivered the next day if it will be coming from Canada or Holland. It could probably be done is will cost you a lot.

Anyways, here in Manila we have the famous Dangwa which is the central flower distribution in NCR. They offer wide ranges of flowers (be it local or foreign) in its most affordable price! I think that all the flower shops in that area should create a club where they can offer International Flower Delivery as well ;)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update on Xmas Party Planning

I was not able to blog much yesterday since we had a meeting that lasted for an hour and half. Our agenda is all about the Xmas Party of our company. Updates are as follow:

Party Theme:
- Masquerade (I will definitely vote for this!)
- Emo Rock
- MTV Awards Night (Hollywood inspired)
- Prom Night

Office Decor Theme:
- Winter Wonderland
- Santa's Workshop

- Mondragon Ball Room (Dec. 17) -> 10 mins away from our office and it's budget-friendly
- A-Venue Hotel Suites (Dec. 19) -> they are willing to give us a free accomodation GC (an overnight stay) as part of the prizes in the raffle

- Contis Pastry Shop and Restaurant
- Center Table Catering
- Albergus Catering
- Hizon's Catering
* If in case we choose the package presented by A-Venue, they will provide the food.

Lights and Sound System:
- Sound Assembly
- Sound Builders Philippines
- Sound Straxx
* Otherwise it wil be provided by A-Venue if we select them

- Beyond (30k) -> they have a regular gig in Tropezz
- The Galley (19k) -> not sure if they are that good
* Our committee is still on the lookout for other bands who are good but budget-friendly ;)

Seems it's all planned out but one thing that is uncertain is the BUDGET. I'm not sure how much money is alloted by the management for our Xmas party considering that there's a financial crisis in the US (where our head office is based).

Let's see what happens when it's presented to our president...teehee! Ü

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Coffee Break ver. 1.42

Halloween is just a few days away so our master of coffee breaks decided to get into the "spirit" of All Soul's day with this week's topic.

I haven't encounter personally any paranormal or mysterious experience with the souls, spirits or ghosts but my aunt (my mother's sister) does. I'm not sure why but she always had an experienced to share. I'm thankful that I'm not her because I'm happy with what I'm capable of at this moment and seeing things are not my thing.

(1) My aunt worked with Kraft in Sucat Parañaque for 20 years. Apart from the spirits that she can feel (their office is right next to Manila Memorial Park) roaming around their office when most of the workers are gone is the spirit of her co-worker who died due to health condition. She narrated that her officemate which is a male had a habit of fixing himself a cup of coffee every morning when he arrives at their office. I think it was a day or two after her colleague died when she heard someone fixing a cup of coffee on their pantry. She didn't see anyone going in and out of the pantry at that time. All she can hear was the tinkering sound of a spoon against the cup. Just to make sure, my aunt went inside the pantry to check if there's someone she might have missed to see but to her surprised there is no one inside the pantry.

(2) My grandfather died in the year of 2004 (if I'm not mistaken). I was raised by them since I was a baby up to the age of six. I was kinda spoiled especially when it comes to food. It was painful on our part that he died due to a heart attack because of a medicine prescribed for his Arthritis. Anyways, he died in my aunt's house in Dasma Cavite and was buried in Cuenca, Batangas where he was raised. A day after he died, my aunt was preparing to go to sleep when the bulb light of her room suddenly went off then it went on then off again and then it came back on. The switch is set to on and the light bulb is not loose. Frightened, my aunt hurriedly went in bed with the light still on and never bothered to switch it off. Could it be my grandfather is checking on her?!

So far, I haven't heard any mysterious stories from her probably because she's in Bahrain??? Regardless, I know that she's relieved and happy that paranormal activities that she had witnessed seems to be ages.

All About Poker

I'm still confused on how this card game is played. All I know is that it can be seen in casinos or in a basement where illegal gambling is hidden to the eyes of the public. In Wikipedia, Poker is defined as a family of card games that share betting rules and usually hand rankings. Meaning money is placed on a pot by the players voluntarily and it's up to them whether the high or low hand wins.

Apart from this info, there are different variations of Poker. There are the Straight, Stud, Draw and Community. For me who is completely clueless will never understand how this game works and how the variations differ from one another. But definitely, if you're a poker player you will positively like the idea of having your very own poker table right in your own home. For the male population I bet that this is part of their wish list (if they are the type who loves card games).

I've seen one poker table which is ideally good for 10 people (92"). It has a removable playing surface within the middle range price.

Now another one has a dealer slot (customized) which can be considered as a professional poker table (92"). Probably this are the ones you normally see in casinos.

In fairness to these poker tables, they all look stylish and modernized. You will never feel uncomfortable inviting your friends to play poker at your home.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tiara (Zoobic Lodge)

After our Zoobic Safari tour, we decided to eat our late lunch/merienda in the restaurant within the vicinity. Unfortunately, they don't have lunch meals so we ate Pancit Bihon instead. After eating, we ask one of the staff if they can call the Winstar cab (that's the only cab in SBMA) to fetch us and bring us to Tiara. The staff suggested that we can hitch on their shuttle since he will be going to Tiara as well. That's a lucky break!

So we waited for the Zoobic staff till 6:30pm and off we went to drop one staff after the other until we reached the Tiara(Crown Peak). It's actually near the Legenda Suites. My agent in EVC assured me that she already reserved me a room so we just went to the counter and present the free overnigh GC.

The hotel itself is old but the room that was given to us is cleaned.

I was so exhausted and hungry (still) so I went to their cafe and buy an ensaymada and bottled water. After I ate, I went to flip the channels on the TV and sad to say they don't have any cables =( So I sticked to watching Channel 11 until I get sleepy. Hubby on the other hand is busy playing Dungeon Siege in PSP.

I think I got a lot of hours of sleep. I woke up at around 6am. Hubby slept around 5 am so I let him doze off while I checked the pool of the hotel. It was at the back almost near the highway.
While waiting for hubby to wake up, I was busy flipping channels from one to another. I also took a bath so I am ready when he wakes up. We left the hotel at 11am planning to head to Slide-for-Life. Unfortunately there's a drizzle of rain and hubby wants us to go back home. I told him that it will stop eventually and we just head to our next destination. His unconvinced and keep insisting that it will be difficult for us to push through with my plan since we have to commute and he dreaded of performing an outdoor activity under the rain. Sheesh! Reluctantly, I called for a cab through the hotel reception desk and we headed straight to SBMA main gate. 

I'm so looking forward for the go-kart and slide-for-life adventure. Sigh! Oh well, there's always a next time. Hopefully my hubby will not be a KJ by that time.

Zoobic Guide

Just as I planned, we went to Subic last Saturday for our wedding anniv celebration. Here's the detailed story...

We left Manila at 9:30am via Victory Liner going to Olongapo. We had 1 stop-over and a brief stay in Victory Liner's Pampanga Bus Station. It was a 3.5 hours ride and most of the time, hubby and I were asleep. From Olongapo, we rode a colored yellow jeepney going to SBMA main gate and from the gate, we took a cab going to Zoobic Safari. At first, I was thinking of other means of transpo but there's no other option than a cab. It was indeed pricey but with a good reason. The Zoobic safari is located way far at the back of SBMA. It was located in the mountain. Obviously, the taxi won't have passenger(s) when they go back to the main gate.

We arrived at 1:30pm and there are lots of tourists. Most of them have their own cars/vans. I was looking for the Tiara (Zoobic lodge) only to find out that it's 8 kms. away from the Zoo. Yikes! Both of us are hungry since we haven't eaten any lunch. Hubby ate a rice meal for breakfast whereas I only ate a 2 pcs of bread and a hotdog sandwich. Since we are already there at the zoo, we decided to take the tour. We are put into groups and there will be a tourist guide assigned to your group. Before you proceed to the tour, you will be given a brief orientation.

(on our way to Tiger Safari in Zoobic Train)
If you love animals, you will enjoy the place. If not, then you should opt to stay near the boardwalk where there are bars and grills to hang out with. Moreover, you can try Ocean adventure or the beach near to it (Camayan).
The order of the tour - animal show (starring the poodles with their tricks and the potbelly pig who can sing), farm animals, then ostrich and the other birds, animal parade, serpents, rodents, tiger safari, close encounter with the tiger, Aeta trails and lastly fedding the crocodiles.
Btw, you will take a train ride within the zoo which costs Php 50 per head. This will be your transpo going to tiger safari, close encounter with the tiger, Aetas Trai, and Crocodiles.
(inside the Tiger Jeep)
In tiger safari, the tigers will just look at you as your jeepney passes by. They will take an interest if you have a whole raw chicken to feed them (costs php 200). Same with the crocodiles, if you want to see them jump and snap their mouth, feed them with some portions of the chicken which costs php50.
After visiting the Crocodiles which is the last stop of the tour, a shuttle (this is for free) will take you back to the main entrance of Zoobic Safari.

(next entry is all about the accomodation - Tiara aka Zoobic Lodge)

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Get Personalized

Less than 60 days to go and it's Christmas! Apart from the bonuses that we will be receiving in December it's also the time of giving and sharing. For those undecided on what to give this coming holiday to your friends, loved ones and colleagues, you might want to try giving personalized items as gifts for yuletide season ;)
Gift Pens
Apart from gift pens, watches and leather good can be personalized as well by engraving it for free! Turn around time takes 4-5 next business days. Avoid the hustle and bustle around the city in search for a Christmas gift for your dear ones by availing availing their free shipping. Now, that's a REAL TREAT! Ü

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Friday, October 24, 2008

Party Planning

Today is a hectic day for me. I have a lot of things to do. First, I finished my job requirements. After that, I have to make the weekly report and lastly I have to scout for caterers and venues for our company's upcoming Christmas Party.

The Admin department and MSC Recruitment (where I belong) will be the one in-charge in organizing the event. I was assigned in scouting for the venue and caterer with partial participation in looking for a sound system supplier. For the audio and lightning effects, that will be easy since I can get in touch with Elmer which is my sound system supplier ;)

For the venue and caterer, we just have to gather the data that we can get like packages, rental rates for the function rooms, etc.

I already called a few: Fully Booked (Bonifacio High Streets), The Courtyard (Filipinas Heritage Library Makati), Makati Skyline (World Trade Center) and Sofitel Philippines.

I'll resume calling the remaining venues on my list on Tuesday since Monday I'm on VL (1st wedding anniversary). Good thing I have a partner who can cover the other venues that are not on my list. We have to submit all the info on Wednesday.

Yesterday and today, I passed up the chance to do my "sideline". My mind is pre-occupied with other things that are more important. Hopefully next week I'll be back on track and luck will be on my side...hehehe.

Tomorrow, SUBIC here we come! Ü


Thursday, October 23, 2008


"Honesty has a beautiful and refreshing simplicity about it. No ulterior motives. No hidden meanings. An absence of hypocrisy, duplicity, political games, and verbal superficiality. As honesty and real integrity characterize our lives, there will be no need to manipulate others."

--Chuck Swindoll

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sweet Escape

I thought that's what we actually did. Just as Con and I planned before 2pm, we went down to avoid the fire drill exercise conducted by PBCom. We stop by first Starbucks in Valero and there are a lot of people in the line. So we went to our other office which is in Salcedo St. We stayed there and have chit-chat with one of the supervisors in a Japanese account.

After an hour and half, we left and went back straight to PBCom. We are relief that the fire drill had passed. Just as we reached Con's station and I was drinking some water when suddenly the fire alarm went off. A voice was heard saying "Fire Drill will now commence". Bummer! Tough luck.

We have no choice but to follow the rest of our colleagues heading to the fire exit. In fairness, it's not hard as it seems. Me and Con managed to go down from the 43rd floor down to the ground without experiencing any wobbling legs. Thanks to Hip Hop Abs! Ahahaha! Both of us are just thirsty.

Upon reaching the ground, we went directly to Mini Stop and bought a mineral water. then stayed there until we are given the signal to go back to he building.

Obviously, our escape plan backfired! =P


I was hmm... what's the correct word to describe my reaction when I read the TRASH EMAIL this morning?... Confused. Stunned. Oh well, it really doesn't matter. I know deep in my heart that I have a clear conscience.

I don't want to elaborate more. Though I have a lot of things to utter it's logical to say nothing. The issue will never stop if you fight back (based on my observation). SILENCE DOESN'T MEAN YOU'RE DEFEATED OR GUILTY. IT ONLY MEANS THAT YOU RESOLVE TO FENCE YOURSELF AROUND WITH WISDOM. This will be my first and last say to the controversy that dragged and trapped me in the middle (how unfortunate of me).

I know myself and those who are close to me (thankfully, there are many of them). YOU CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY. That's reality.

"Life is too short to stress yourself with people who don't even deserve to be an issue in your life".

Fire Drill

Me and Con are planning to take our break between 2-4pm today. The PBCOM administration have scheduled a fire drill and the tenants are expected to participate.

We have to went down using the stairs in the fire exit from 43rd floor down to the ground! Due to this, we are allowed to wear a casual attire that is usually meant for Friday.

I just hope that we can make our "sweet escape" before the fire drill starts. Mark the time - 2pm.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Custom Medications

All of the hospitals here in Manila depend on the same company/brands of medicines for a specific illness. Apart from that, if it's too expensive then they will suggest to buy the generic names of the medicines. Some may react okay with the prescription while others may have allergy. That's why doctors will asked their patients if the have any allergic reactions to medicine or they will first inject a small amount on your skin and check if any visible changes will be seen on the skin.

If you’re a Hollywood star or one of those who are rich and famous you won't probably have to deal in worrying all the possible things that can happen when you’re taking a medicine. You can avail a custom medication which is specifically for them and nobody else. It's not commercially available and it comes in the form of dosage that your body needs. That will be really something. It's like having your own phar
macy! Imagine, allergic reactions can be avoided plus they can change the taste of the medicine from its known bitterness factor. I like that, no bitter taste. That's why I don't like medicines when I was a child. They don't taste good. Lucky for the young ones today, cough and fever medicines comes in fruity flavors. How I envy them.

Aside from the common prescriptions, they can even provide specialty medications like for an Ophthalmology and Retina surgeons or even for hospitals. The only question is, how much will be the service if they will have a custom-made medicines made? Surely if the service is pricey then the medicine will be expensive. Only the fortunate ones can enjoy the luxury of these compounding medicines. Then I guess the only option will be the commercially available ones that we have right now. Hopefully in the future, medicines will improve for the wellness and welfare of those who will use and need it.

I'm a N@Wie

Thanks Laya for making the badges! Ü All our sisses liked it ;)

I posted one in the right side of my blog and I like this one too!


Coffee Break Ver. 1.41

I missed my buddies in college. That's where I have a close relationship the most. I'm still friends with my high school peeps but I never got a chance to go out with them that much since I'm the only one married and I don't like the idea of staying late and going home late (does it mean I'm aging?).

Anyways, the last time I saw my college amigas was last September of this year.My BFF together with his hubby went to Manila for their daughter's bday. We dine in Kenny Rogers Glorietta and chat till 9pm. No alcohol drinks for us since we have a minor in our midst...hehehe. Most of the talks that we have was our college thesis, wacky scenarios and our current lives. It was fun and 3 hours is not enough for us to talk and talk and talk.

A few minutes ago, I was having a chat with one of my college friend. She was not able to join us in our get-together since she was in the province but she reminisced all the crazy antics that we have when we were in college and how life was easy for us back then. Yeah, being a student has advantages and perks. And she missed it... I missed it too. Problems are not that complicated unlike when you grow older.

Hopefully all of us will be complete next year. All the ten of us and just US. No hubbies and no children...hehehe. Just like before where we used to stay up late for making school projects.

Up and Personal

A lot of people finds it useful and helpful to look on the net and got to mingle with other people and luckily, find someone special. What's more since it's on the web, there different kinds of Personals you can select from (they are categorize). Say, you like to meet someone in Asia or a biker or black. The choices are vast. You can even select the states! Even married personals can be looked up on the net. Not sure if they are really married or previously married or wanting to be married....hehehe.

At first I couldn't believe that such thing can happen. But since it happened to us (hubby and I) where we met each other online, anything seems possible nowadays.

My Lunch

for the day will be the Bacon Strips, Egg and Cheese sandwich from Starbucks! Yummy! The aroma of the sandwich is so tempting that I can't wait for lunch to eat it.

I was not able to pack myself a lunch today since I have no time. Early this morning, I was busy preparing hubby's breakfast instead.

I sandwiches and breads!

A Dozen

of godchildren (inaanak) that I have as of today. But two of them are out of the country so I only have to worry 10 toddlers and kids (combined) for their Christmas presents. I'm not complaining, I love giving presents! Especially with the kids.

I have lots of ideas to give for the girls but for the boys... it's always a challenge. I'm planning to start shopping Christmas presents on November. Same for the decors for our niche.

For my siblings, I'll just give them money =P Same with my parents. I have no idea what they like for xmas so it's up to them to buy whatever they want(or wish for).

One week away and it's November. Deecember is just a few tumblings away =D

Monday, October 20, 2008


Oohh! I love photobooks. The first time I saw one was last year when I was preparing for our wedding. It was in Glorietta at that time. Then even on the internet you can order for a photobook as well. I actually had one which is a pocket size when I made an order in Kodak. I was not that impressed at all with the quality of their print. I'm not sure where exactly my order came from. It says on the slip from CA State. Oh well, I might try the Picture books that I've been reading about. Nevertheless, this is the reason why I want to learn the CS2 software by Adobe! I want to make a digital scrap/layout of the pictures that I have of me, my family, friends and of course hubby! Then I can have it printed and turn it into a bound photobooks. That will be really cool!

Then yesterday before we went to hear mass in Don Bosco church, hubby have his ID picture taken in a Kodak studio. I saw their desktop calendars and in fairness, the print quality is good. I was thinking of ordering one. Probably next month after our Subic trip so I can add put our latest pictures by then. It's hard to believe that we don't have any calendar at our apartment. No kidding. The calendars that we used are the ones in our mobile phone...hehehe.

That reminds me, I still haven't started on selecting our wedding pictures! Yeah, I know it's been a year now. Oh my. I have to make a start in selecting the pictures on the next coming weeks. I was thinking of making one for my grandmother so she can have her own copy. I'll just have to do that next year. I'll be prioritizing first our own album. I almost forgot all about this. How lazy of us.

Holiday season is just around the corner so I bet that there will be lots of pictures waiting to be line-up and stored in our hard drive and albums. I just hope that next year I will be able to accomplish my mission of starting to have my own photo books.

First Name Game

Snagged this from Beth's blog.

J: People Adore you
O: Best kisser ever (ahem!)
A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have (ahem again!)
N: Easy to fall in love with (what can I say?! hehehe)
N: Easy to fall in love with
E: You Are Great (amen!)

A: Best Gf/Bf any one could have
B: You love a certain someone
C: People cant help but check u out
D: You are really lovable
E: You Are Great
F: Easy to fall in love with
G: You never let people tell you what to do
H: You have a very good personality and good looks
I: People love you
J: People Adore you
K: You’re wild and crazy
M: Handsome/Beautiful
N: Easy to fall in love with
O: Best kisser ever
P: You are popular with all types of people
Q: You are a hypocrite
R: You love to kiss
S: You are freakin crazy
T: You are loyal to the ones you love
U: You really like to chill
V: your not judgmental
W: You are popular
X: You never let people tell you
Y: S3xiest bitch alive
Z: Never good enough

Feel free to grab/snag this Ü Happy Monday!


I decided to sell some of the GCs that I got from Executive Vacation Club. There are too many of them although I know that next year I will be needing some of it but now I need extra money =P

Luckily my sister's office mate will be getting the extra GCs for Zoobic Safari. The remaining GCs, I'm still trying to sell them. Some will be given to a friend for his family trip. That will be my birthday gift to his QT baby that I posted last week here in my blog. Hope they will enjoy their stay in Residence Inn Tagaytay.

If in case, I'm not able to sell all the GCs, I'll be giving them away for my god children (inaanak) as a christmas present. I can't believe that I have a dozen! Then there are two more that will be added on the list. I'm waiting for December to make it official...hehehe.

Fast Credit Card

Are you in the lookout for a fast application for credit cards? No worries, you can conveniently apply for one online. Perks and benefits of each credit card company are listed so it's up to you how will you choose the right card depending on your needs. Furthermore, each perks and benefits are explained in detail for reference which is really helpful for first-timers who will avail a card.

What's more they have all the latest news about credit cards. One of the interesting news is Visa and MasterCard branded cards will be having their own scents and there will have 44 designs that you can choose from. Trendy and cool. They also provide 24/7 Question and answer support. You will be given advice and hints on how you can manage your finances and expenses even if you have a credit card.

Toll free numbers are also provided by the card company for further clarifications and inquiries.


When I was still single, I don't really know how to cook except when it involves frying. I can handle that just fine and making pancakes as well

But after we moved in to our own place, I started to learn and enjoy COOKING. Yup! Before I hate it since you have to stand in front of the stove for how many minutes. Plus I don't like the oil jumping out of the pan when I'm frying bacon or porkchop but things changed...

After our grocery last Saturday I decided to make Sinigang na Baboy. It was my first time to make it so I was nervous. I texted first one of hubby's aunt on how to make it since I had no idea how to do it. I can't believe that it was easy to do. It's much easier than making Sweet & Sour Meatballs!

Hubby loved it Ü And I'm glad that he liked the taste Next time, I'm going to try the Beef Stroganoff which I saw yesterday night in Quickfire on Q11. It's very easy to do. You can make it in 10 mins! Suited for busy moms and housewife. You can check out their website for more easy-to-make recipes

Buy 1, Take 1

Saturday morning I went to Shopwise in Pasong Tamo for groceries. I left Hubby at home since he was busy sleeping away.

My intention is to buy the things that we will be needing until the next payday primarily food. Then I stopped on my tracks when I saw a signage in the rice section that if I purchase worth of 500 grocery items, I can avail the Buy1 Take 1 of Jasmine Rice (5 kg) for Php 335.25! This promo actually started last Oct. 14 but hubby and I thought that the items are out of stock since a lot of people near Shopwise probably hoard all the Jasmine rice that was available.

I hurriedly called Hubby at home, good thing he was already awake. I told him about the rice and since per customer you can have a max of 3 sets, then we bought 3 sets equivalent to 30 kilos for the price of Php 1,005.75! That was indeed a steal considering Jasmine rice is expensive. So hubby went to Shopwise and help me with the grocery items that we bought including the rice.

The 30 kilos will be enought for us till next year ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Child Molester

I still remember in one of CSI Episode (Miami) about a suspect who escaped from jail and had a background of being a child molester. It scares me to know that even the young ones, like toddlers for instance cannot escape from the crime of that pervert guy.

Here in Manila, you cannot even tell who has bad intentions toward your child/children. In the news, it's either the neighbors or worst, the relatives of the children who takes advantage of them. For the safeness of our children in the coming years, it's better for the police and government to create a
Child Molesters list for future reference and awareness of the parents and children. It will be more user-friendly if the lists will be divided into cities for faster and easier track. It's time that we make the most out of the technology that we have today.


I just came back from Zoobic Safari's main office located in Yupangco Bldg along Gil Puyat Avenue. Instead of making a room reservation in Grand Leisure Hotel, a friend of mine suggested that we should avail the promo package of Executive Vacation Club which is an affiliate of Zoobic Safari, Paradizoo and Residence Inn Tagaytay. All of them are owned by Yupangco Company.
The package costs Php 2990 and it's inclusive of:
- 1 Free Overnight Accomodation for 2 persons (Hotel to choose from: Residence Inn Tagaytay, Blu Bianco (Clark) and Zoobic Lodge (Subic).
- 2 coupons for a 50% discount on room accomodation on 2nd and 3rd room (good for 2 persons). - 6 coupons for a free entrance at Zoobic Safari
- 6 coupons for a free entrance at Residence Inn Mini Zoo and Paradizoo Theme Farm
- 2 coupons for a free lunch at any of the ff. outlets - Residence Inn Tagaytay, Paradizoo Theme Farm and Zoobic Safari (good for 2 persons each coupon)
- 10% discount when dining in maximum of 12 persons
- 10% discount when making a purchase at Zoovenir Shop, Photo Shop, Vegetable, fruits (Paradizoo, Residence Inn and Zoobic Safari)
- 10% discount on rental of Tigers on the Run Coasters, vans and cars
- 10% discount when availing Conference Packages
- 5% discount on animals and party package

All of these are good for one year for the date of purchase! Ü It's a good buy, don't you think?
So there, we are all set for next weekend!

The Who?

If in case you have a Caller ID on your home phone and someone called you but you do not know that number, then Find Out Who Called You by simply encoding the number on the box and presto! It will tell you the name and address of the person who is registered on that number. That easy! I've tried it a few minutes ago using my US recruiter phone number =P

But having a Caller ID on your phone is not enough to protect you from all those unwanted and senseless callers. Another better way to avoid all of them is to simply block those calls! How? Simply register your number on the National No Call Registry and rest assured that your number will be removed from any telemarketers’ database. You have the option to register your home number and mobile number or both It usually takes 31 days upon registration for your number to be remove completely.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cutey Baby

Yesterday, one of our reception guards made a visit at lunch time and he brought his son named Wycleff. The last time I saw him was when he was still 2-3 months old. He was big back then but now...his much bigger and cuter! Plus he can walk (though he can't talk yet) .
Caught in the Act! Wycleff giddily smile at my friend's mobile phone...
Sooo cute! A lot of people in our office wants him to be taken at their homes...hehehe.

His busy looking at the cars from the window...

Hope to see you again ;)

(Note: That's right, it's his first birthday today - Oct 16th)

One Year

of being an employee in CAI-STA(current employer)! Happy 1st Year Anniversary to me!

This means that:

- I'm free from the one year bond. TG!
- I'm supposed to have a salary adjustment. But it seems it will transpire next month or in December since I don't have an evaluation yet. Yoohoo! Calling the attention of our Recruitment Manager.
- I'm free to explore greener pastures...hehehe.
- I can make the most out of my leaves ;)
- Only 2 months more and hopefully I will get my "bonus".

I'm glad that I made this far, making it to a year of being an employee but then I have plans of looking for other opportunities by December or January. Though my US recruiters are very helpful to me, I don't see myself having a career growth here.

Let's see if they have plans for me....otherwise, it's time to bid farewell to all.

Building a Business

Two days ago my college classmate and a good friend (up to now) sent me a private message in YM. She was asking me for ideas on what business is IN nowadays. She was thinking of flower shop or events coordination which I replied that there are a lot of competitors in that field. Yesterday she's talking about wrapping papers. I told her that honestly I have no idea if the latter will boom. I told her that I don’t have much of a knowledge on which business is in demand nowadays.
I mentioned about "franchising". She can select from food carts to food chains (which is obviously will cost much more money). She didn't like franchising so I will try to propose Heritage Web Solutions . This might interest her since she's a Computer Science graduate. All I have to do is ask her if she has a flair for building web sites or if she wants to do it on a part-time basis, then she can be a marketer for the company.

Otherwise, I opted to tell her about the businesses featured on a TV show in a local channel here in Manila which aims to help Filipinos in having a business of their own and be a successful entrepreneur. I'll just have to take notes while watching the TV this weekend.

My sister has a business of her own together with a friend. She's very driven and I admire her for that. I hope I can be like her but I tried a few businesses myself and the problem is "marketing". I tend to get shy with people whom I didn't know. That's why, selling is not for me. I'm planning to have a business of my own...someday. For the meantime, I'm going to save and invest some of it in stocks.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coffee Break Ver 1.40

Oh goody! I like this week's coffee break :) Thanks Jan! I agree with you that kids nowadays can be so mature when talking with the adults. Though in their perception it may sound casual but in the eyes of us who are older, it's funny and surprising to hear them talk.
I actually have 2 amazing talks with a child. The first one was with hubby's niece which is an 8 year-old which I made an entry last April. Click HERE on what it's all about. The thing is, she defines problem in her own POV ;)

Then the second one was not too long ago which I also posted here in my blog. Click
HERE for the details. She asked me a lot of questions and the final one left me speechless :)


Finally it's the day that I have been waiting for! Time to pay the bills and set aside the pocket money for our Subic trip next weekend ;)

I have to book a room in Grand Leisure Hotel tomorrow. After that, I'm going to ask if they have a service who can take us to Zoobic Safari once we check-in. I still find it steep to pay for Php400 one-way for a cab. The amount is equals to a steak meal in Meat Plus.

SBMA should provide shuttle service from the Main Gate to Zoobic Safari and have a trip(s) scheduled . That way it won't be a hassle to the tourists like us who don't own a car.

Have a great day today to all of you! Ü

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Prison Inmate Finder

Wouldn’t be cool if we have something like a federal inmate search here in the Philippines? I bet that a lot of people will benefit from this especially those who are taking up law. They could get some useful info in their thesis with the help of this locator.
You can pull up the names who were imprisoned from let's say different areas here in Manila and in the provinces as well. Like the in the USA, you can actually pull up inmates info by states and their names. That's information and technology combined at it's finest ;)

What Color Day Am I Having?

You Are Having a Blue Day

Today is the kind of day that challenges you to the core. You're going to have to stay cool.

You have the intelligence, skills, and drive to rise to the occasion. Your mind is sharp.

While things may be a bit chaotic, you are still taking the time to reflect and be calm.

Today you are extra attractive and interesting to people. You are giving off a detached vibe, which is very intriguing.