Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been busy the whole day so I'm sorry to my fellow bloggers If I could not make the tags for today. I'll do it first thing on Monday ;)

I'm in a rush to write this entry. In a few minutes, it's time for me to leave and enjoy the weekend!

I just want to share this before I signed out...

A few minutes ago, I got a call from a Sofitel agent. She told me that I was referred by a friend and she was introducing me the packages and offers of Sofitel. They have the membership which is Php 7,100 and the Supplementary which is Php 4,355. The difference between the two is on the first one, you will get a free overnight stay in Sofitel. The perks are both the same. You will get 50% discount in Spiral's buffet (breakfast, lunch, dinner) for the whole year; 10% discount in pulished room rates; A "member-for-a-day" certificate (which is transferrable) which entitles the bearer for a 50% discount in Spiral (2 persons) and 15% discount in room rates, etc. (I forgot the other privileges that comes with the package).

To make the long story short, I decided to avail the supplementary card of Sofitel! I know it was a good deal since you can used the card all year round and avail the discounts. I just wished that I get the 7,100 membership card instead since there's one night free accomodation. I have no idea earlier that the rooms in Sofitel are pricey until just now...hehehehe.

My plan for an overnight stay in Subic is cancelled. Me and hubby will be spending our wedding anniversary in Spiral instead. It's a buffet so I'm sure both of us will enjoy it! Aside from that fact that Hubby told me last night that his not up to an out-of-town trip so might as well go for the buffet :)

I will post the full details of the perks when I received my package. According to my agent, I will receive it on the next 12 business days.


Unknown said...

Go ahead jo! hehe... kung may SO lang ako naku ako rin meron nyan! hahaha...let me know if its worth it ha... Ü

Llyresh said...

sis, naku! heaven talaga buffet ng Spiral. The best nga for hubby. Can you refer me to your agent pero I was planning to get pa in December in time for our wedding anniversary saka mag-birthday pa kasi si Enzo so funds are a bit limited now. :)

Unknown said...

Thanks Con! Ü

I'll refer you sa agent ko ha...hehehe.

Unknown said...

To Sheryll: Email me - and I will send you the contact info of my agent in Sofitel Ü