Tuesday, September 23, 2008

To do or Not to do

I'm still debating in my head if I will avail the Promo B of Grande Island in Subic. It was a good deal and it's perfect for our first year wedding anniversary which will be in 34 days! Their offer is good until October 31 of this year.

I was searching the net since this morning for reviews about the place and most of them are not positive. I was wondering if it has something to do with the fact that they went there during the peak season that's why the place is not that appealing...I'm not sure.

I like the massage, the AVT and banana boat ride that comes with their package which is good for 2 persons apart from the overnight stay and free breakfast for 2. Not to mention that I'm on a budget. If I only have extra moolah (which I do but it will be for our home expenses) then I will probably book us a flight going to Boracay or Palawan for a change of scenery and experience.

My friend here in the office says that I might as well try it and see for myself. She reasoned out that people have different tastes which I agree. So why I'm still having a hard time to decide?!


Dyes said...

happy anniversary! sana nga ay makapagdecide ka na kasi malapit na. pero kahit anong mangyari, ang mahalaga ay magkasama kayong 2 :)

jan celiz-magtoto said...

my dear... go for it! like what i said, the only thing that should stop you from going there is financial reason. but if they have a promo now, then go. i made a review of it when my family and i stayed there in january 2008. and i have loads of photos of our stay in my multiply. so there... wherever you guys end up going, have fun! happy 1 year!=)

Unknown said...

Hi Jan! I read your review sa multiply site mo :)

I really like the AVT, massage and banana boat ride sa package nila...hahaha!

Unknown said...

Hi Dyes! Thanks po! :) Yup, most important of all is that were together ;)