Thursday, September 11, 2008

Remembering 911

Aside from the fact that 911 leaves a mark in the history of the world especially in the US, it's my little sissy's birthday as well!

The youngest in our brood she's the exact opposite of me and my other sister (that is when we were her age). She's playful, boyish, outspoken, naughty and stubborn. Guess she knows that she's the BABY of our family. Regardless of her annoying tactics which always gets to me, she's the sweetest among us 5. She always hug and kiss my parents unlike us...hehehe.

A lot of our neighbors in ParaƱaque said that she looks like me when I was young....Hmmmm... I'm not really convinced but yeah we have few similar features, I guess.

Definitely she will be much taller than me and my other sister. A few more inches and we will have the same height and she's only 9 years old. Bummer! Why do I have to be the smallest?!

See you soon sissy! I'll treat you out and probably buy you a few things as my bday present


Dhemz said...

it is funny is my younger bro's birthday too!

Unknown said...

hehehe :) happy bday to your bro sis :)