Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Online Poker

I'm not a big fan of poker simply because I don't know how to play it. My friends on the other hand know the game and I envy them. I tried to play it once but I'm having a hard time understanding the rules and terms. Maybe I'm not cut to gamble?! Hehehe.

Well, for those who plays poker you can sign-up for in an online poker and used the
PokerStars Marketing Code which you'll receive an exclusive bonuses plus an access to Poker Star events including the online poker league. Cool huh?! I have no idea that even on the net there are different leagues exclusively for members.

To access the exclusive offers and bonuses you just have to get the
PokerStars Bonus Code and follow the instructions to fill it up on the form. I'm not exactly sure if this is strictly for US residents only or international poker players are welcome to join.

If you're already a member, they had an incentive for
Full Tilt Referral Code. All you have to do is refer someone you knew and let them sign-up and take advantage of a 100% bonus. That means that they will match any amount on your initial deposit up to $600. Sounds good to be true, right? This could be a good deal for poker fanatics =)


Primp and Prettify said...

poker?, Online poker I tried it once but with a guy friend who's guiding me. I never enjoyed it... maybe i don't know also how to play it right. (i'm a loser) hehehe

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Unknown said...

I never tried it since I don't know how to play it at all...ahahaha!