Friday, September 19, 2008


That means "good morning" in Japanese. Why the sudden interest in Nihonggo?

Yesterday, hubby finally decided to continue with his application for Japan. Their office is located in Ortigas. He was scheduled for an interview at 9am with a technical exam and Nihonggo exam since the employer is a Japanese company. He finished by 12nn.

Based on his story yesterday when I arrived at home from work, he got interviewed by a local then he was given a technical exam. The technical exam was a breeze since all he have to do is draw a 2D and 3D scheme. Next was an interview with a Japanese national. He understand the questions thrown at him in Japanese language and he can answer them in Nihonggo but in the latter part of their conversation he got confused with some of the words that the Japanese is asking him. Aside from that, he got confused on what is the proper anunciation of some of the Japanese words. The Japanese advise him then to take the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) in La Salle on December of this year in order for him to acquire a certificate. They want him to be at least on Level 4 or 3 in order for them to send him to Japan. Also, they need the person to be good in writing Japanese alphabet as well as conversational Nihonggo.

So there, I'm now on the hunt looking for establishments who teaches Japanese lessons. I surf the web and found one in Las PiƱas and in QC which is far from our place. My friend told me that I could try the Languages International located in Arnaiz Ave. I called them just now and the lesson costs PHP 7,900 for 30 hours! Another one that I found on the net is the Nihonggo Center (PIJLC) that has a branch in Arnaiz Ave as well but there main office is in Sampaloc Manila. When I checked their website, their Elementary course is PHP 8,600 for 68 hours! I didn't know that Japanese lessons nowadays can be pretty steep! I'm not sure if the Japan Foundation Manila in Pacific Star Bldg along Makati Ave are offering Japanese lessons. All I can see in their website is the names of the schools and universites who are offering Japanese Language Education and Studies.

I still want him to enroll in Autocad lesson in Microcadd. But before he do either one of the lessons I mentioned, he will try his luck on his last job application next week which will be in Alabang...

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