Monday, September 8, 2008

New Home

The four of us decided to meet early today. We agreed to meet @ 7:30am in Mcdonald's which is below the PBCOM Bldg. Rod and Con went ahead of me and they are already in the office fixing a few of their things. I think they arrived at 7 am.

I arrived at exactly 7:30am and I'm not that excited at all unlike the past few months where I'm always looking forward going to work. Sigh!

Here's a couple of snapshots of my "new" workstation.

Noticed that on the right side of my PC is the partial view of Makati CBD. That's from the tail end of Ayala intersecting Buendia then a little bit of South Avenue. I can actually see the South Cemetery from my workstation (that's the only thing that cheered me up today here at work...the view).

It will surely take time for me to get used to my "new place".

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