Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Kiss and Make up

Well, last night was so dramatic in our house that it could've been a good episode for MMK...hehehe.
As you are all aware, I'm upset with my hubby so when he arrived in our apartment last Sunday I didn't spoke to him at all. Yesterday I only said a few words to him. Hubby knew the reason why I'm treating him that way. Since his not used to my "cold treatment", I noticed that his getting teary-eyed then he went downstairs and I knew that he was crying. Hubby is very emotional and cries easily like me. That's the similar traits that we had. But at that moment, I just feel sad.

I waited for him to come up and talk to him. That's the only way we can straighten our issue although that the issue is always the same. I bravely asked him if he wants to go back to his aunt's house in QC or if he likes staying there instead in our apartment. He shaked his head then said no. Then he asked me if I want him to go back to QC, I was so tempted to say yes thinking that it's the best way for both of us to be seperated for awhile but I can't. I just can't say the word. I even rehearsed in my mind the things that I'm going to say to him but at that moment, I was tongue-tied. All the stuff that I've arranged in my mind somehow disappeared. I started crying because I was thinking that our marriage is slipping away and we didn't even make it to one year and that I'm a weak soul!
To cut our dramatic scene short, I forgave him (again) but this time I let him know what I was so pissed about. My friends were telling me that I'm a "Great Wife" and I should be given a medal or have a monument made in my behalf...ahahaha! They told me that I spoiled my husband like a child.

Oh well, as much as I wanted to have a "trial seperation" it's hard for me to say it let alone do it. That proves it for the second time. Part of me feels for hubby because I knew deep inside that I'm the only person he can rely on and who can help him get through in life.

So there, we just hold hands and hug each other tightly and catch up with the things we did last weekend. Sigh! I'm so good in practicing PATIENCE. I'm not a SAINT who will be forever martyr but then again no one will ever knew exactly there limits. Even I, surprised myself sometimes. One thing's for sure though, I REALLY DO LOVE HIM.

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