Thursday, September 4, 2008

Justice Served

---that is for now

Finally I will receive my bonus this coming payday. Whew! Obviously the HR manager was probably suprised with my email yesterday. For a month and a half I keep mum about that bonus and yesterday was the time I broke my silence. She sent an email today at lunch time and that was may favorite email from her....hehehe.

Maybe it has something to do that I cc my US Recruiter about the issue and he replied back saying that he would like to be updated on what's going on with "US". He told them that I've been an "invaluable" part of their team and that I exceeded their expectations. Ha! They probably think that I'm letting them get away with it without a fight. No way! I'm a fighter especially if I know that I'm right.

So there, I'm happy and relief that I will receive the extra moolah that I rightfully deserve. It's my reward for my hardwork working with the US requirements. But the battle is not yet over. I still have an issue to discuss with them. This time it's about my performance metrics (KPIs). The KPIs where they based my bonus is not applicable for me because I was moved to a different account. The KPIs that they are following is from the other account where I was assigned before. So I told her that my metrics should be discuss and I'm open to change it as long as it is designed for the account I'm working on.

Let's see what happens. The good thing is that my US counterparts are very supportive and professional. Unlike the ones here in our company's management. I wonder how they reached the "managerial position" with their skills????


Bella Sweet Cakes said...

Mabuhay Ka SIS!!!!! Ipaglaban mo !!! ha ha ha.. wishing you all the best!!!

Unknown said...

Ahehehe! Salamat kapatid :)

Sus, I can only rely on myself para ipaglaban ko ang karapatan ko :)