Friday, September 12, 2008

How's Your Marriage?

This is a good question... Thanks Mommy Mec :)

My Marriage Status...

Let's see... so far both of us are doing good in our marriage. The good thing about us is that we always talked as much as possible. After every argument, we always talk about the issue. I'm just praying that my husband will act maturely this time. That's the lesson that I want him to learn :)

I admit that 2 weeks ago I'm on the verge of giving up and embark on a "trial seperation". It has nothing to do with money or the fact that I'm the one working. My only sentiments is two words being RESPONSIBLE and DISCIPLINED with your own actions.

The only major issue that gets in our way as husband and wife is my better half's addiction in playing DOTA. To some, it's not a biggie but for me it causes a lot of stress and hurt. I felt that it's not fair that I have to do all the HARD WORK while I let him do the FUN. Maybe it's my fault as well since I've been very lenient.

We are still on the adjustment period but I'm pretty sure that I've made my point clearly the last time that I got pissed off. I'm not a demanding wife let alone a nagger one. I can be giving but you don't have to abused it. I can be a very patient and understanding partner but you don't have to test it and push it to the limits.

So here we are back on track and working together as a couple. We have arguments which seldom happens but when it does it's really a SERIOUS ISSUE. The only thing that's missing in our relationship is prayer. It's been awhile since we went to hear mass together.

This Sunday is a chance for us to strengthen our marriage with God in our midst. I think we can make it work.


Dhemz said...

Very well said sistah! You know what, we've been to that situation before...I think every couple experience that too. I mean first year of marriage is tough..nasa honeymoon stage pa kayo noh...why not make the best of it...heheh! Even we're married for almost 4 years we still don't know how to adjust our differences...through compromise we solve the problem right away. It is not good to go to bed mad, and wake up mad..hehhee! I've been there and I know what you felt right now....don't worry it all work out! Just have faith in God..communication is very important thing in marriage...sometimes you need to voice your wants and needs as a wife...or vice versa...good luck and don't give up your marriage...think it as one of the spices that blends in marriage...dba for better or for worse..heehhe!

Unknown said...

Thanks sis! I know that deep in my heart that I will not give up our marriage.

Nakaka-tempt lang minsan na mag "col-off" muna...hehehe. Although wala naman ganun sa married couple.